Marvel Studios

Flight Display FUI 

After taking some time away from future tech work it was great to come back to my favorite studio and work with the uber talent team at Perception. Breakdown and concept frames below featuring some of the HUDs and Holograms I contributed to the film!

The ships in the film needed to feel both 'alien' as well as display specific characteristics unique to each craft. Below are a few concept designs I came up with for the film!

Holographic integration frames

Perception NYC Process and Design Reel


Principals/Founders: Jeremy Lasky, Danny Gonzalez
Chief Creative: John LePore
Design Supervisor Russ Gautier
VFX Supervisor: Doug Appleton
Senior Producer: Eric Daily
Production Supervisor: Mike Benyo
Artists: Alex Rupert, Justin Molush, Sanu Sagar, John Koltai, Jeff Baghai, Tom Bourguet, Davidson Carvalho, Robyn Haddow, Greg Herman, Tara Marie Jacobson, Christian Mangual, William Mata, Bhakti Patel, Amy Stadelmann, Alex Trimpe
Production Coordinator Andrew Jacobs