Marvel Studios

This is the project that started it all in my FUI design career! I designed and animated the Stark Phone and touch screen coffee tables featured throughout the film. I also came up with the branding and design of the Formula 1 Race broadcast graphics package. In addition, I helped create the Stark Expo sequence which was projected across a 74 foot screen used in the filming. Finally I designed and animated a vintage 'Stark Expo '74' logo animation that was also used in the film.

Iron Man 2 Graphics Montage

Role: Design, Animation, & Compositing

Stark Phone UI

Stark Smart Glass Coffee Table

Stark Expo '74

Logo Animation tests for Stark Expo '74. The last logo animation was chosen for the film. Additional Animations were done by my friends John LePore and Bowe King.

Role: Design, Animation


Associate Creative Director: John LePore

Producer: Cary Flaum

Design: John Koltai, John LePore

Animation: John Koltai, John LePore, Bowe King, Brett Bailey

Compositing: Matt St Leger