Nick Furry's projector device holograms

Peter gets a surprise visit from Nick Fury - which is usually not a positive visit. The design of Fury's holograms had to be tactical, slick spy gear.  When Nick Fury tracks down Peter in Italy, he uses a portable hologram projector to illustrate the global scale of the impending danger. The design of Fury's holograms had to be tactical, super cool with a military kick. Point clouds and lidar scan-like visuals were used to communicate the complexity and real-time nature of the data.

Mysterio's helmet HUD

Beck's Helmet is his battlefield view into the simulations - his master console.  Everything is built to serve the illusion and to give Beck the most control in the field.

Combined with the wrist device, he has on-the-fly control over the course of the illusion's timeline, adapting to unforeseen situations as needed. He can revise the story using pre-built actions and live-record any new actions he wants. The helmet also gives Beck the ability to communicate both as Mysterio and Beck to various parties, including Nick Fury and his own team as he orchestrates the chaos.

Elemental Control Screens

As Mysterio’s right-hand man, William  authors the illusions and decodes the stolen EDITH smart-glasses on his desktop console

Beck is the lead actor/director, but he has a whole team behind him. William, who acts as Beck's Technical Director/content creator, also develops all the software, so it was important that all of Beck's technology looked like it came from the same set of hands. Fighter jet HUDs, tactical consoles and other military gear were the primary inspiration for Perception's early explorations into Beck's technology.


Production: Perception
VFX Executive Producers: Jeremy Lasky, Danny Gonzalez
Design Leads: John LePore, Russ Gautier
VFX Supervisor: Doug Appleton
VFX Supervising Producers: Kris Barone, Eric Daily
Designers: Greg Herman, Justin Mailer, Nick Woythaler, John Koltai
Animators: Theodore Daley, Alex Davidson, Casey Drogin, Tuomas Jarvenpaa, Tilmann Kerkhoff, John Koltai, Vlad Lysenko, William Maya, Artem Otvodenkov, Houhan Wang
VFX Coordinator: Chloe Soares