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Burning Man 2022 Play Alchemist Pyramid Graphics

Projection Mapping and Event Reel

Recap video of the Play Alchemist Pyramid project I was a part of for Burning Man 2022! In both 2019 and 2022 I contributed art pieces to be projected on this 80' tall structure. 2022 found me participating in the build of the projection pyramid as well as joining the uber talented VJ team!

Full case study of my animations and design elements coming soon!

*From Light Harvest Studio

Throughout history alchemy has been recognized as the process of transformation.

The "PlayAlchemist's" build a pyramid in the desert that has been known as "The Mount Everest of Art Installations."

We were tasked with creating a multi-media show to complete the monumental installation. We called it "Vessel of Light."

The objective for this international video exhibition was to celebrate human kind's ability to adapt and transcend the ever- changing landscape of challenges that all life faces on earth, and beyond. We used 3 x 32,000 lumen projectors to precisely video map the 80 foot tall pyramid structure. With this giant canvas, we presented nightly multi-media experiences for the citizens of Black Rock City.

Event Photos:



Director and Producer: Ryan Uzilevsky
Executive Producer: Krystal Ho
Executive Producer: Christopher Krywulak
Pyramid Build: Ian Gall, Marco Moreno
Pyramid Crew: Camp

Ryan Uzilevsky, Caleb Olson, Teva McMillan, Theron Pray, John Koltai, Frankasaurus, Kevin Colorado