Dolby SXSW & CES

Title Design and Process Montage

Animated branded content from the rooftop screen array to the mirrored infinity room in the immersive House of Dolby at SXSW! Visuals can be found through all of the rooms and themes of the Dolby experience showcasing all Dolby product lines including Dolby Vision and Atmos. Step into the experience until March 19th at Brazos Hall.

2024 CES

We brought to life the immersive worlds of Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision for this animated video that was shown at CES 2024. The Dolby visual language of typography and stylized gradients gave me and the Nice Shoes team a great start in creating all of the motion graphics.

Client: Dolby
Managing Director: Camille Geier
Head of Production: Keith McCabe
Creative Director: John Koltai
Creative Director: Stefan Woronko
Creative Director/Immersive: Ninaad Kulkarni
Producer: Valeriya Myronenko